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Software for system independent process automation & MES modelling

Use our software to create a prototype of industrial control and MES systems to capture requirements faster.  It has been designed to enable process, automation, and MES engineers quickly create a model of how they want their systems to work, independently of any target platform.  Design, test and programming project savings of 30% are typical. Based on ISA-S88 and ISA-S95 industry standards.

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Who we are:

A specialist web & OPCUA software development team based in Dublin, Ireland.  We mix industrial automation expertise with leading edge software development to meet the needs of manufacturing end users that want to bring more transparency to their complex process automation and MES ecosystems.

What we can do for you:

We make it easier for you to learn, understand and ultimately better specify industrial control and MES systems.  With our software, you can specify and learn by doing; by running your own batches, by running your own virtual weigh and dispense system or by emulating transactions between systems.  By helping you to visualise and model, we make automation more accessible for you.  That way you can collaborate faster, more easily capture requirements, train up employees and create corporate models and standards encapsulating best practice.

Why we do it:

Current automation systems are too complex to deploy and too expensive to support.There is not enough engineers trained in these platforms leading to skills shortages.Requirements are too difficult to capture using current manual methods. Budgets over-run by 30% . The whole design lifecycle is just not ‘Agile’ enough for current speed of business.We would not have it so! If you feel this pain, we can help you.

Why our software may help you:

Change is inevitable in the life-cycle of a control system or MES design project.  The earlier scope change or errors are captured in project lifecycle, the cheaper the cost.  Standardising through templates avoids re-inventing the wheel.  Our software enables you to capture these savings.

Find out more about how Spike Prototype fits into the control system design process

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