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About Us

Who we are

The HAL Software leadership team is :

CEO – Michael Darcy (linkedin)

A former CFO of both Cable & Wireless, and The Now Factory, Michael provides executive and commercial leadership and oversees the day to day running of HAL Software.

CTO – Cormac Garvey (linkedin)

Cormac, a veteran of both industrial automation and IT design across many industries, is the product manager for Spike prototype and provides thought leadership to the industry in relation to evolving Industry 4.0 technologies and project execution processes. Cormac regularly speaks at trade seminars on the advantages of prototyping and standardisation, has published numerous articles and whitepapers on the subject.  He leads the HAL software development team.

Our Goal

The overriding company goal at HAL Software is to enable our clients to save up to 30% of their Automation Software development costs and to reduce Automation Project execution times by tackling the inefficiencies at each stage of Design / Configuration / Testing.

We aim to help Manufacturing Companies concentrate on what matters; getting their data model right early and then concentrating on the automating of the industrial process. Not the hardware nor the quirks of disparate proprietary systems that lead to problematic software integration.

Take a look at our website articles on lifecycle savings to get an idea of where prototyping fits in to your design process; if these posts resonate with you, then we can help you.

Project costing using a model

GaMP document lifecycle with a model

Standardising design documentation

Expediting design queries

Getting operations and maintenance on board early

Faster software acceptance testing

Enabling vendor package skid integration

Alleviating typical automation commissioning issues

Why not contact us and we can demonstrate how prototyping helps expedite projects.

Why HAL Software?

HAL Software is a small company run by engineers for engineers. Small companies are much more responsive to their clients needs and can implement updates  or improvements much much faster than large companies.  When dealing with large companies, trying to get through the layers of sales and marketing to a technical decision maker is next to impossible. With HAL Software, you are one Skype call away from the product manager, and your feature request is one build away from implementation. It is literally, the best support that money can buy! We are focussed on making our one product, your most useful, most helpful industrial automation requirements capture tool. When we say we listen to you,  the customer, we mean it.

We develop commercial off the shelf software (COTS) .We are experts in modern C# / .NET / Web platform development and frameworks, OPC UA client server technology, and automation and control design patterns. In addition, we run platform agnostic Industrial Automation training courses, from our Offices in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin. The courses deep dive into ISA-88 & ISA-95 implementation, and specific unit operations programming (e.g. Fermentation).

In computing acronyms, HAL stands for ‘Hardware Abstraction Layer’, and that is a large part of what HAL Software products aim to provide. We allow industrial control programmers or process engineers to write hardware-independent industrial automation design specifications. These applications provide the encapsulation of industrial control industry standard templates within a data model that is aligned with modern agile software development programming techniques.

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