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Archive | Agile Software applied to Industrial Automation

Design challenges of enabling an Industry 4.0 manufacturing ecosystem

Industrial Automation and manufacturing IT design status In a recent IHS survey of over 1000 automation and control engineering professionals of manufacturing and process industries, the following was highlighted: Between 20 and 30% of a project is rework and change implementation .This work happens after detail design requirements have been signed off. Asked if prototyping […]

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control system virtualisation

Virtualise this! Engineering design and manufacturing control in the cloud

Engineering design and manufacturing control in the cloud. When Vmware PC virtualisation started to gain traction in the mid noughties amongst the engineering fraternity, it was a godsend. Prior to vmware, engineers were laboured with PC multiboot configuration hell. It was at best, very difficult to set up a single PC to be able to […]

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ISA-S88/S95 Software Prototyping 101

Why does prototyping make sense?   “Measure twice; cut once.” This old adage is relevant to more than just Carpentry. Automotive companies wouldn’t build a car without first prototyping. Prototyping allows for a ‘hands-on’ feedback opportunity in order to correct errors before going to product manufacture. Almost all industries that produce products routinely use prototyping. One […]

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