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Benefits of control system prototyping

Once-off project benefits

  • Timely and more accurate cost estimation
  • Significant reduction in design hours (whether internal or external)
  • Significantly reduced FDS (functional design specification), URS (user requirement specification) and FAT (factory acceptance test) documentation hours
  • Ability to produce outline eMBR (electronic master batch record)
  • Increased quality of documentation
  • Ability to have cross discipline interactive design reviews at all stages of project lifecycle
  • Reduced time to market
  • Increased collaboration
  • Emulation of control system interaction with ERP (enterprise resource planning), WMS (warehouse management system), LIMS (laboratory management system) or any other system for improved supplier engagement and control

Ongoing benefits of having prototyped a plant, line or process

  • Use prototype for training and simulation
  • Use prototype for process improvement
  • Use prototype to assess ‘what-if’ scenarios for Process Analytical Technology, continuous processing, real time release, or any other proposed system change
  • Use prototype to assess possibilities for IT / OT convergence and Industrial Internet of Things implementations
  • Initial model available for entire organisation to review and improve

Benefits of multiple prototypes across organisation

  • Use corporate standards and models
  • Understand and apply best practices across plants, regardless of control platforms used

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