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What exactly is Spike prototype?

Spike is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) prototyping tool for Industrial Automation & Control. The Architecture is centered around S88/95 types exposed through an OPCUA information model. The prototyping menu allows rapid generation of ‘animated’ P&ID drawings. The configuration can be exported to functional requirements specifications, loosely based on functional requirements standard ISA5.06.

In short, prototype how you want the control or MES system to work, and how you plan to test it (via OPCUA server) all in one.

Spike Prototype encapsulates standard design patterns in the latest collaboration-friendly webserver technology. It helps the engineers gather requirements in an interactive and intuitive fashion. It’s a scratch pad for what-if scenarios, failure mode testing, unit testing, and training and may be used to wire frame out an entire manufacturing and control factory ecosystem.

Spike prototype is a single web-page application

Spike prototype is a single web-page application

Use Spike Prototype to…

  • aid the mapping out of an entire factory’s data flow;
  • act as a catalyst for front end engineering design;
  • enable the building of, and training in, company-wide standards & best known methods for Automation & MES;
  • catalyse improved collaboration, tech transfer and training; and
  • generate design and test specs in fewer hours.

But why buy Spike instead of some other modelling package?

  • Spike is hands down THE fastest way to wireframe industrial automation, coming as it does, with a predefined type library.
  • Spike is inherently collaborative; its a webserver! No other engineering design package is. This means that everyone in the office can see what the modeller is doing. Not just him!!
  • Spikes unique selling point is its built-in macro recorder to record required process control behaviour that can be played back and modified later. No other package has this capability.
  • Spike was designed primarily for importing and animating existing P&ID (piping and instrumentation) or PFD (process flow diagram) drawings. All other packages require you to create the drawing from scratch inside their product wasting valuable hours.
  • There are modelling packages that implement ISA-88. There are others that implement ISA-95. Only Spike implements both. It implements both because most of the integration issues are between factory floor batch systems and MES systems.

Download a pdf brochure of Spike prototype here:




For videos of Spike in action please visit:

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