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When time is of the essence..


Too busy to model? We will do it for you.

Sometimes a client simply does not have the time or resources to allocate to purchasing, installing and learning a new package in order to get the benefit from prototyping. This is common in fast track front end engineering design (FEED) or conceptual design projects. Maybe the client is trying to implement Agile project execution. In this case, HAL Software have a unique proposition; we can provide you with a conceptual design spike.

What we will provide you with at the end of the conceptual design spike:

A full working interactive system independent prototype model of your batch control, MES system or even entire factory floor data ecosystem, and a copy of Spike Prototype webserver so that your team may run, train on, interact with and iteratively improve upon, as the project develops.

What we need in order to provide you with the model:

We need access to the key resources (the process engineers, technology transfer team, operations team etc) for meetings, and P&IDs (design drawings) in the case of Batch projects.


How do we manage to generate the batch control or MES model so fast?

Capture functionality forever with Spike

Capture functionality forever with Spike

We provide senior resources to manage the multi discipline meetings and elicit the design requirements. We build the model in Spike Prototype (the worlds fastest control system prototyping tool) for you and then hand it over to your team after training them in how to use it and iteratively improve the model. All videos and design specifications are stored within the model. Cormac Garvey, our senior engineer, has been designing, leading, and project managing IT, DCS batch control and MES system implementations for 25 years across the Oil & Gas, Biopharmaceutical and Semiconductor industries. A respected authority and published author on industrial automation, Cormac has spoken at numerous Industry4.0 initiatives and automation seminars both at home and abroad on how to leverage prototyping to improve design quality and speed up design.


For a glimpse into the power of spike for requirements capture, just check out the sample videos at:

Spike - Control System Prototyping Software

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