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Disruptive Innovation

Clayton Christensen explains disruptive innovation as this:

“It transforms a product that was historically so expensive and complicated that only a few people with a lot of money and a lot of skill had access to it. Disruptive innovation makes it so much more affordable and accessible that a much larger population have access to it.”

One of the initial goals of  the HAL Software control system prototyping application (Spike Prototype) is ‘lowering the barrier to entry’ to the highly specialised skill of Industrial Automation such that conventional high level programmers can quickly get up to speed and satisfy this key skills shortage.

In addition, one of the long term goals of HAL Software is to catalyse the simplification of Industrial Control Systems, as briefly outlined below. If you are trying to simplify your automation and factory management systems in order to reduce IT / Automation headcount spend, then give us a call and we will be happy to help outline how presently available technologies can radically simplify (and thus speed up) ERP to factory floor communications.


Out with the old


Come with the new

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