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Hal Software ACHEMA update

Hal Software joined over 3,800 other exhibitors at ACHEMA, the world’s forum for chemical engineering and the process industry in Frankfurt last week.  An extremely busy week, which kicked

CTO Cormac Garvey presenting at Praxis Forum (ACHEMA 2015)

CTO Cormac Garvey presenting at Praxis Forum (ACHEMA 2015)

off on Monday with CTO Cormac Garvey being the first presenter at the Praxis Forum on Plant Control with a well attended deep dive into prototyping a batch process control system using ISA-S88 and ISA-S95 design patterns.

From there, the week just got busier.  Monday night was the “meet your friends” event at the show, where all the exhibitors congregate to discuss the industry and make contacts.  Wednesday was the Enterprise Ireland event in downtown Frankfurt.  A few logistical problems arose in getting there as it was located next to the route of a fun run with 70,000 entrants, but overall it was a good event.

The real work was done during the day however, and the stand was busy.  The touch screen showcasing Spike Prototype was a big draw, and whilst a touchscreen would not normally be used in engineering design many of the visitors commented on the fact that would be a great collaboration tool.

Cormac showcasing Spike Prototype

Showcasing Spike Prototype on the touchscreen

One of the major downsides of having a busy stand for the week is the lack of opportunity to have a look at what else is going on in the industry.  However, we had a range of visitors from different industries to the stand, and the most common theme that was talked about was “efficient engineering”. Whether in pharma, chemical, waste water or oil & gas and whether it was EPCs or internal engineering design departments, all are being put under pressure to improve the efficiency of their operations.  Now is the time to review how you design your control system and its interaction with other systems and layers within the plant – we believe that prototyping is the answer.

See the official report on the show here


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