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ISA-S88 & ISA-S95 platform independent training

A Practical Introduction to ISA-S88 and ISA-S95

Course Aim

To give participants a clear understanding of the basics of ISA-S88 and ISA-S95 and how they can be applied to both requirements specification and design  of  process automation systems. The participants will learn how to create a wireframe of an entire batch control and MES system. The users will get to create, run and interact with an entire S88 Batch procedure and S95 Product segment on the virtual control system Spike Prototype. The participants will gain a basic understanding of other relevant standards in control system architecture and integration and an introduction into how one would use standards to prototype out an entire factory floor  control ecosystem in line with current industry4.0 trends.


Industry standards provide the basis for benefiting from industry best practices. They can provide the common language for cross discipline collaboration. Existing facilities often have legacy systems and processes that are not based on any one standard but have instead evolved over time. Many of these facilities are driven by external forces (such as mergers) to embark on expensive and challenging projects to implement ISA standards. A practical understanding of these standards is essential prior to selection of a control or MES system or the engagement of expensive consultants.


  • Introduction to ISA-S88
    • Physical Model
      • Process cells, Units
      • Control Modules including PID controller implementation.
      • Equipment Modules  -including state machine type
    • Procedural Model
      • Control Recipes & Recipe parameter lists (formulae)
      • Procedures
      • Unit Procedures
      • Operations
      • Phases
      • Running campaigns, and examining batch reports
  • Introduction to ISA-S95
    • Physical model
      • Rooms & Workcentres
      • Hygienic status, Barcode scanners , weigh scales, generic equipment etc
    • Work Instructions and user interaction
    • Resource Model (including material, equipment, personnel)
    • Material bill
    • Inter-system communication with B2MML-like transactions
    • Procedural model
      • Material Flow Control, & Routing
      • Production schedules
      • Campaigns and examining batch reports
  • Batch  to MES integration through the transaction module
  • Advanced topics;
    • Designing code for re-use ; type libraries
    • abstracting hardware into formula parameterisation
    • rapid design and test  documentation generation
    • testing strategies for regulated industry.
    • Exporting configuration data between control platforms.
    • Programming IFTTT (if this then that) logic , timers , interlocks and alarms through the Spike Python IDE and OPCUA.
  • Overview of OPCUA, IEC61131-3, PLCOpen, BatchML, B2MML  and other relevant standards in Automation and control
  • Introduction to Control System Prototyping, wireframing and modelling.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a working knowledge of both ISA-S88 and ISA-S95 standards
  • Understand how to implement these standards at a practical level
  • Build a campaign using pre defined code templates , types and snippets.
  • Gain in depth knowledge of some sample DCS control strategies such as inter-unit transfer, Weigh and dispense operations etc.
  • Run a ‘virtual’ batch, examine the batch reports, challenge the logic.
  • Be able to rapidly develop control and MES design and test specifications; know whats important to capture.
  • Python101 for process engineers.
  • Get a basic understanding of other standards relevant to control systems including OPC UA, PLCOpen and AutomationML
  • Understand the basics and benefits of Control System Prototyping

Who should attend?

Process, automation and MES engineers; IT, production and maintenance managers, technicians or operations personnel who require a good basic understanding of the design and operation of Level 2 or Level 3 control and manufacturing operations management systems, or who have existing systems that may require optimisation.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming course please fill out a contact form here and we will contact you directly with more information.

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