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Prototyping process control with Python language

Spike Prototype

Spike Prototype

Python is the fifth most widely used language on the planet and is already used in Industrial Automation as a testing and scripting language.
It is the language of choice for ‘big data’ data analytics, is used in Microsoft Azure machine learning and is likely to have a greater role to play in Industrial Automation as ‘Big Data’, Cloud and Industrial Automation increasingly merge through what is known as Enterprise Internet of things, or Industry 4.0.

It is the most readable of the languages , using white space indentation to document code constructs succinctly ; ideal for a design specification .

HAL Software CTO Cormac Garvey provides a 20 minutes introduction to Python as implemented in Spike Prototype software. He discusses the reasoning behind why it was chosen, and provides some samples of its power in action within the Spike Prototype IDE.

He demonstrates how the ISA-S88 & ISA-S95 model within Spike may be manipulated using Python and the Spike integrated development environment.


If your eyes start to glaze over at the thought of learning a new computer language then look away now! This video is not for you. On the other hand if you want to future proof your job prospects..happy viewing!

The video is available for viewing on the SpikePrototype video website. For further information and online demo, contact us at our info email.

Video title:

Spike 20 minute video on the use of Python programming language for prototyping(.webm format needs google chrome)





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