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Spike Prototype

Spike Prototype - Control System Prototyping Software

Requirements Capture: Transformed

Spike Prototype enables users to rapidly wire-frame a virtual control system or prototype, then export the design and test specifications thus reducing the amount of design hours on your project.

Spike Prototype Savings 30% Pie Chart

With over 20 different reports including design specifications, test specifications, batch reports, and project spreadsheet summaries, Spike Prototype enables the rapid capture of automation and control system requirements utilising the ISA-S88 & ISA-S95 design patterns. Whether you are designing an MES system from scratch, expanding a batch system, or just creating training modules for common standard operating procedures, it’s all catered for in Spike Prototype, the new paradigm in interactive engineering requirements capture. Spike Prototype acts independently of proprietary control or information systems, allowing flexibility no matter what type of project is being undertaken.

Spike Prototype can be run directly from your PC or, alternatively, from a private or public cloud.

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