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System Requirements

Spike prototype is based around web server architecture, and as such requires that it be run by a user with local administrator rights. In addition, if other PC browser s need to access the webserver pages, in view only mode, then the appropriate windows firewall settings need to be enabled (Ports 80, 443, and 48030 for OPCUA must allow incoming and outgoing connections on the webserver and clients)

Minimum System Requirements (no touchscreen)

  • Windows 7 x86 professional
  • 4GB RAM
  • Google Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer 11

Recommended System Requirements

  • Windows 8 x64 professional or greater
  • 16GB or more RAM (More RAM enables more complex Batch campaigns to be run and allows more client browser connections)
  • Intel i7-4790  or greater processor
  • Google Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer 11

Additional software prerequisite requirements

  • SQL Server 2014 (recommended) or 2012  Express edition
  • Google Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer 11

In addition, if the user wishes to directly read the exported design documentation;

  • PDF viewer such as Adobe reader 9 and above.
  • Microsoft word viewer
  • Microsoft Excel view

We recommend the use of the excellent screencastify Chrome browser plug-in for easy video capture.

Required Program Installs for full touchscreen capability

As of October 2015, Windows 10 does not work sufficiently well with browsers in relation to  touch capability.

We are waiting for Windows 10 with touchscreen fix service pack  to see if this improves matters.

 Requirements for virtualisation

Spike can be run as a virtual desktop instance in a Hyper-V private cloud. It requires a single instance per single user desktop-as-a-service compatible installation.

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